Before the years are gone and I've lost my nerve...

'Cause this is what I've waited for..

Monday, September 22, 2008




Cam and Sarah said...

Yay Jeremiah!!! He is so big! The video is the cutest!!!

Katie said...

Awesome! I am secretly dreading Matea becoming more that bad? ;)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, what a great video! What wonderful times!

And to Katie, it is NOT bad to dread mobility in your child. My third (a boy) was NOT encouraged to walk, actually probably discouraged, haha. Not really, but almost!

Good to "see" you, Tiffany and Lee~

Lianna Knight said...

I found your blog from the group you created on facebook...Christians and Infertility. I have found such a great network through blogger of support, encouragement, and Christians suffering from infertility. Thanks for starting that group...and many more blessings to you.

I have two blogs... and my infertility blog,