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Monday, May 21, 2007

This morning Lee and I decided to add ourselves to the pool of available adoptive parents at the agency we've been working with. We've invested so much already and it seems pointless to pull out completely. Let's just pray that our roof holds out for at least one more year because now we don't have the money to pay for a brand new one. We talked with the director of the agency and she is putting information in the mail to us about our options. There are many children in the state that are on a waiting list to find adoptive families, but most are older or part of sibling groups. We are going to keep ourselves open to that idea, just so we don't miss out on any possible matches for us, but still believe we are going to find the best fit with an infant adoption. So now the waiting game continues....

The possibility exists to go international, with some slight modifications to our home study, but the process could be much longer and much more expensive. So we will shelf that idea for now. We've taken time to sit still and grieve and I think we are both moving into the proactive stage- we need to start doing something. Now onto household projects that only require time and energy. We will continue to pray, continue to hope and believe that where we are is exactly where God wants us to be. He has been faithful, he will be again.

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Steve and Jane said...

Mom and I are glad to see your decision to remaining with the agency. We know your frustration with it, but starting over from the beginning with a new organization would surely cost more in time and money.

We continue to praise God for you and Lee, and your faith through this difficult and faith-testing ordeal. We know how much you both have grieved, and as we sat with you when the call came our hearts were ripped into pieces. I tried to explain to the people in our Bible study group the anguish and pain we saw you go through, and the grief we also felt as we tried to commfort and encourage you. We were not able to "fix it" like we could with most things when you were younger, and that was especially difficult for us.

We're greatful to see how you and Lee are working through the frustration, anger and questioning, and are especially encouraged to realize the depth of your spiritual maturity and faith.

Many here are praying for you, and are expecting to see God's pleasure poured over you at just the right time.